Technological advances today are very sophisticated and rapid. This can be proven by the number of new technologies that have been circulating in the world and innovations today, both simple and world-shocking.

technology has been around since time immemorial, namely the ancient Roman era. Technological developments have developed drastically and continue to evolve until now which are increasingly sophisticated and global,

an example of one of them is gedget, gedget is currently very good among the community, and now there is an even more sophisticated one, namely

iphone 12 offers, who is not familiar with this advanced technology, even everyone already knows it among children or adults,

The development of technology is getting more advanced, in the past cell phones were only used for calls and text messages to just ask the news, now cellphones can not only call and text, but nowadays they can also be a sophisticated mini computer, can be a TV as well with smartphones .

Indonesia is one of the developing countries in the world with considerable technological influence as a technology consumer of other countries. In order for Indonesia to become a developed country and no longer a developing country, the level of technological development in Indonesia must be increased more than the previous one.

Currently technology is a major role for society with the aim of building the nation. The Internet, for example, on the Internet there are various kinds of knowledge clock in and out app that are broad and clearly all of them are on the Internet, but in Indonesia today the internet still does not know the actual use of the Internet, in Indonesia, for example, some of the Internet users only use it for slang or ngexsis. through the Internet, to be praised for being sophisticated, this is because social networking sites are increasingly in demand by Indonesians, both children and adults..

The internet has a positive impact, namely, among others, unlimited information and knowledge for students, for business for entrepreneurs, as entertainment for those who are stressed due to work or tasks that accumulate, for example playing online games, as an efficient means of communication, as an emergency need. and others.

Besides the positive impact above, the Internet can also be a negative impact on society, for example everyone becomes dependent on the Internet which makes someone lazy to think, besides that there are adult sites where there has been no action from the government to block these sites, not to mention the impact. another namely cybercrime, namely crimes that occur in cyberspace. Businesses are opting to cloud services due to these cyber threats. However, according to your respective usage, you want to use it for positive or negative.

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