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Hey everyone, in this article we are going to know some of the best web hosting company for India. Yes, if you are the one who is looking for the best web hosting for your business or personal website, then in this article we are going to know some of the best web hosts for India.

So, here are the topics that we need to know before moving to the web hosts, are as mentioned below: –

  • What is Web Hosting and why we need it?
  • Types of Web Hosting
  • Best Web Hosting Company for India
  • Conclusion

So, these are the topics that we are going to cover in this article below. So by not wasting any more time, let’s discuss these topics in detail below.

What is Web Hosting and why we need it?

Web Hosting is service by which we can publish our website and make it live in front of our audience. Web Hosting provides you with the servers and space to upload your website’s files and data so that you can make your site publish and users can access it.

Types of Web Hosting

Here we are going to discuss the different types of web hosting that are usually provided by every web hosts, are briefly described below:-

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a web hosting service where a user is provided with the single server which is shared and used by the multiple users.

This hosting plan is best for those users who are a starter, beginners or wants to test their small websites.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a highly optimized web hosting specially designed for WordPress websites. In this also, you are provided with the shared servers but the good thing is that all websites are of WordPress here so that you can’t have any technical issue regarding different CMS (Content Management System).

This is best for those who don’t like to code and want to create their website with just drag-and-drop website builders.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting is special web hosting where you host your website on cloud servers and when your cloud goes down, your site bounces to another cloud and goes live.

This is best for those who don’t want their site to go down and need high security for their websites.

VPS Hosting

VPS comes from Virtual Private Server, also known as VPS Hosting. Here you are provided with the virtual dedicated server which is well known for high speed, better security, and faster performance.

This is good for those users who want to boost up their site and take the performance to the next level.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Servers or Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting where you are provided with the physical dedicated servers. The Dedicated servers give you high speed, the fastest performance, and advanced security. It is at the top of the line.

This hosting is recommended to those users who are running a business website and have a huge amount of traffic and wants to upgrade their hosting.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting provides you with the servers that you can resell to other users. Yes, you can sell the server at your price and earn money through it.

Best Web Hosting Company in India

Moving on to the topic that you are waiting for. Here are some of the best web hosting companies in India that provides you with the best services at affordable prices, are as mentioned below: –

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  • com

So, these are some of the best web hosting companies that offer you the best web hosting services at affordable prices.


If you are a visitor from India and looking for the best web host, then we recommend youtube have a look and try on the HostingRaja web hosting services. HostingRaja is an Indian brand and has its data centres in India which give you the web hosting services at the affordable prices.

At the end of this article, we hope you like the content and find some helpful information for you.

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