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5 Reasons Digital Marketers Pay So Much Attention to Google


Casual research into digital marketing services reveals a ton of marketing content in which Google is mentioned in some way, shape, or form. Some content is so Google-focused that one is forced to wonder who actually produced it. This all leads to an interesting question: why do digital marketers pay so much attention to Google?

Google exercises a tremendous amount of influence over the internet. They control the search engine space, so they control a great deal of the traffic as well. Therefore, they have as much influence in the digital marketing realm as they do the SEO space.

Here are five reasons digital marketers pay so much attention to Google, complements of Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing agency:

1. Digital Marketing and SEO Overlap

We expect SEO service providers to focus heavily on Google because it is the world’s leading search engine. If you are going to target one search engine on which ranking highly is a priority, Google would be it. But much of what goes into digital marketing overlaps with SEO to some extent. Take pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Technically, PPC advertising falls under the purview of digital marketing services. But you cannot succeed in PPC without utilizing the right keywords. Therefore, keyword research, which is technically an SEO practice, is a must.

2. Google Generates Billions of Searches

Next, the latest statistics suggest that Google generates some 8.5 billion searches daily. The lion’s share of external traffic any website receives comes either directly or indirectly from Google. From a marketing perspective, think of Google as a huge electronic version of the old Yellow Pages. Attempting to market without taking that into account virtually guarantees you will not get the best results.

3. Reviews Matter to Customers

Reviews are a major player in the digital marketing space. Whether it’s reviews of a business, product reviews, or reviews of customer service experiences, an estimated 93% of all internet users read online reviews before making purchase decisions. How does this play into Google?

If you were looking for a review on a particular company or service, how would you go about finding it? You might look on the company’s website unless you suspect that on-site reviews cannot be trusted. Most likely though, you would conduct a Google search to find your reviews.

4. PPC Can Boost Brand Awareness Significantly

Among the many benefits PPC advertising offers is the fact that it can boost brand awareness significantly. When people see and click on ads, they remember what happens next. So by dedicating some of the marketing budget to PPC, marketers can boost brand awareness among potential new customers.

Guess who dominates the PPC space? If you guessed Google, you are correct. The majority of ads you see online are in some way connected to Google Ads or the Google Ads Network.

5. Google Picks Winners and Losers

A company whose website can’t be found through organic search is one whose website isn’t going to get much traffic. This means that, whether intentionally or not, Google picks winners and losers. The fact of the matter is that a business needs to be searchable online, or it will never be found. Not being found pretty much negates a company’s digital marketing efforts.

Webtek offers digital marketing services with the knowledge that Google influences the effectiveness of those services. Like their competitors, Webtek remains cognizant of Google policies, standards, etc. Marketing success depends on it. Until things change, Google will continue to influence how digital marketers go about their business. That is just the reality of marketing online.

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