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Six kinds of Instagram campaigns


An Instagram campaign occurs where Instagram businesses’ profiles publish content that is designed to accomplish a marketing purpose. This goal can be general, like increasing brand engagement. It could also become more particular, like generating a certain amount of sales. You can also get free Instagram likes with Turbomedia.

There are many different types of Instagram marketing campaigns. Each is suitable to achieve other objectives. These are six of the most popular Instagram marketing campaign ideas to start you off.

Awareness campaign

In a campaign to raise awareness through Instagram, the goal is to boost the visibility of your company’s product, service, or product. It could be a chance for new brands to show your company’s unique, thrilling, and unique.

The more familiar customers with your name, the more likely they will consider you when it’s time to purchase.

Instagram is a platform where people also want to explore and follow brands. 95% of Instagram users have at least one business they follow. In addition, 23 percent of Instagram users are on social media to check out content from their favorite brands. This means that Instagram is an ideal social media platform for promoting brand recognition.

Teaser campaign

An Instagram teaser campaign offers users an insight into the future. Teaser campaigns can be used to increase curiosity and drive demand for the latest products.

The most important thing to do to create an engaging teaser campaign is to provide the right amount of information to stimulate your followers’ attention. On Instagram, exciting content is always essential; however, it is crucial when it comes to teasers.

Cause campaign

Younger consumers (like those most popular on Instagram) are more interested in what a brand sells. Gen Z and Generation Y tend to base their decisions on personal, social or environmental considerations.

A cause campaign is a method to highlight your brand’s values and reach out to an enlightened public. For example, you could promote an awareness day, or event or collaborate with a charity.

Contest campaign

Facebook contests usually consist of a company giving away a prize to followers randomly. They’re highly effective in generating engagement, and who wouldn’t like winning some prize?

You can establish rules to enter that align with your goals for your campaign. For instance, asking people to tag their friends to be entered is a chance to connect with new followers.

Engagement campaign

Instagram has significantly more engagement levels than the other platforms for social media. Facebook’s typical Facebook post engagement amount is just 0.07 percent compared to Instagram’s greater standard engagement level of 1.94 percent.

Engage campaigns to encourage users to engage through your content. You can measure engagement by monitoring these measures:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Profile visits

To make your content more engaging for your users to increase your engagement with your audience, look at the stats on your insights on Instagram and find out what content gets the most attention.

The process of creating memorable engagement campaigns could be like this:

  • The Instagram Stories stickers can be added to motivate responses and DMs
  • Making saveable content
  • Include calls-to-action at the bottom of captions
  • Experimenting with various post formats and types.

A tip to follow: Publish carousel posts to boost viewers’ engagement. A typical engagement percentage for carousel posts is 3.15 percent more than the 1.94 percent standard for other post kinds.

Promotional or sales campaign

If you’re looking to increase the number of conversions, you can run a sales or promotion Instagram campaign.

The secret to an effective campaign is ensuring your target audience is willing to purchase. It is best to conduct sales and promotion campaigns after building an active and committed audience through your other campaigns.

Typically, brands utilize this type of marketing to:

  • Make a promotion for a flash sale or discount coupons
  • Increase the visibility of an existing product

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