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Revature Highlights Tech Rated Job Roles that Chemistry Degree Holders May Consider


Career opportunities within the domain of science and technology are witnessing unprecedented growth across the world. Science and technology professionals can be found in almost any sector of the society, starting from pharmaceuticals and manufacturing to the government and IT. Science and technology is a pretty expansive field and covers a breadth of disciplines, including IT and chemistry. Experts at Revature underline that people with a degree in chemistry can also make their career in IT. In the current landscape, IT is one of the most lucrative industries, with growing employment opportunities and a good pay scale. Hence, it would be a smart decision for people to advance their career in this field, even if they have a degree in chemistry.

Revature marks the top tech careers for chemistry majors

Tech jobs are known for being exciting, innovative, and well-paying. There are many jobs in this field where candidates can even make use of their chemistry skills, data analysts being one of them. Data analyst is quite a popular job role, and people employed at this position may use their knowledge of chemistry to analyze data and make recommendations. These professionals can work on researching new drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, or analyze data to improve food safety in the food industry.

Becoming an environmental consultant can also be a great idea for a chemistry major wanting to do a tech job. These consultants are basically hired by companies to make sure that they are in compliance with all the relevant federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Apart from maintaining compliance, environmental consultants can also be retained by enterprises to help manage and clean up contaminated sites. They can ensure proper installation of new equipment to control pollution, removal of hazardous materials, and put a plan in place to prevent future contamination. No matter the specific projects they work on, environmental consultants do have a critical role to play in enabling companies to operate safely and sustainably.

Chemistry degree holders would also have certain transferable skills that allow them to be successful software developers or even system analysts. Moreover, they can always seek the assistance of companies like Revature and join training programs that allow them to become proficient software developers. Such candidates may have the capability to develop software for the pharmaceutical industry that allows researchers to design new drugs. Conversely, they can also work in the food industry and create software that aids manufacturers in improving food safety. On the other hand, in the role of system analysts, one may use their knowledge of chemistry to analyze systems and make recommendations. System analysts in the food industry, for example, can analyze distribution networks to reduce waste.

Becoming a forensic scientist is another innovative and exciting field for chemistry majors interested in tech. Such professionals basically use their knowledge of chemistry to help solve crimes. They might have to analyze crime scene evidence, which tends to include blood or hair samples, in order to identify the perpetrator. Toxicologists are also a pretty interesting profession for chemistry degree holders. They essentially make use of knowledge of chemistry for the purpose of studying the effects of chemicals on human health.

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