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4 Web Design Ideas for a Functional Website


A website is a handy marketing tool for your business. It attracts viewers globally and will identify your reach, boosting your conversions. There are various web design styles to go for, and your site should be modern and enticing. Moreover, it should showcase your brand identity and attract your target audience. There are various ways to make your business website outstanding. Let’s learn;

1. Avoid clutter

 Your web page should convey your brand message clearly and should be free from clutter. Users will browse your web pages looking for certain products and should be able to find them easily. Therefore, use catchy wordings and images to suit your target audience. The Calgary Web Design Agency will advise you to avoid too many words or images that can distract the reader.

A professional web design company can help you design an engaging web page to improve your leads and conversions and make users stick longer on your page. Here are key things to ensure your page is clutter-free and easily readable;

  • Place important information above the fold
  • Space your content with whitespace in between elements
  • Add imagery and ensure it resonates with your brand and products
  • Include a call to action

2. Consider visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is commonly used in web design and is a crucial element and will esnure your content is clear and compelling. You can use it to draw the reader’s attention to some aspects of importance on your page.

 The key components of visual hierarchy include;

  • Element placement:Use the right layout to draw readers to the right places. For instance, place your company’s logo at the header and a call to action at the center of the screen.
  • Size and weight:This involves highlighting certain elements of your page, mainly the business name and logo, to make them prominent.

 Moreover, apply color and contrast to draw more attention and use slideshows for enhanced impact.

3. Content is key- It should be easy to read!

 Readable content is easy to find and will make readers stick longer on your page. Use phrases and words that your target audience can easily understand. You can achieve high levels of readability through contrast, larger fonts, and color. Ensure contrast between the background color and text; this makes your text easily readable.

Moreover, use large fonts so that readers don’t struggle to read your text. The body text should be at least 16pt, although this will depend on the chosen fonts. Different fonts exist, and your web designer will help determine what suits your brand.

4. Create an easy-to-navigate pag

Users should easily find information on your page, and it should be easy to navigate. This will significantly improve user experience, making visitors stay longer or visit your page once again. To achieve this, link your logo to the homepage and make your menu strategic. Start with the most essential elements and ensure they are easy to find.

Your business website defines your brand and should be user-friendly. Engage professional web designers and enjoy a functional website that improves your likelihood of more leads, conversions, and revenue!

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