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So you bought a simple or a great gaming computer or laptop from Irish laptop and desktop pc supplier and you start your game. Would you like to know more about computer performance? Want to see how your system performs in games? Use the FPS calculator to see if it’s time for an upgrade.

The more frames per second you take, the better. The FPS calculator tells the truth

Have you ever played a new game and felt that something was wrong? A game that, despite its impressive graphics, well-written story and atmospheric music, just isn’t much fun. If so, you’ve probably encountered a problem that affects almost every gamer: the loss of FPS. The number of frames per second affects the smoothness of the game. So, in general, you should try to get the most out of your computer components.

The simplest solution to low FPS is to upgrade the quality of your computer components. Older hardware is simply not powerful enough to meet the demands of the latest games. Buying a good graphics card or increasing the RAM can make the game run smoother. In addition to costly upgrades to the PC’s internal hardware, there are other less expensive ways to increase the frame rate of your PC system.

First, many gamers do not think to regularly update their software, which can reduce FPS. Drivers should be updated regularly, as they often have a significant impact on the processing power of your PC. In addition to checking for the latest system version, most computer users forget to disable programs running in the background. Each running program consumes memory and requires a separate process, which can place a significant load on the processor. In addition, the correct graphics settings in the game optimise the refresh rate on the screen. But what do the FPS and FPS figures actually mean?

What does the FPS number mean?

As described above, the FPS value affects the smoothness of the game. Gamers usually aim for a minimum of 60 frames per second uninterrupted. Of course, more powerful computers can reach ten or even twenty, but figures above 75 are rare. According to a 2014 study, the human brain registers a displayed image in just 13 milliseconds, or about 75 frames per second.

Simply put, frame rate is the number of images displayed in one second. If your computer can keep the score within this range, you will be able to enjoy smooth game play without noticeable lag or freezes. Now you may be asking yourself, what FPS do I get in games? You’re not the first person to ask this question. Millions of gamers around the world check their frame rate every day. How do you manage your FPS?

How do you measure FPS?

Then you need an external FPS calculator. Such programs run in the background, but use as little CPU memory as possible. In addition to displaying a screen calculator, there are a number of FPS programs that help your computer run better. However, you must choose one of the many programs. Which is the best FPS program?

Recommended FPS calculatorsĀ  all downloadable from your device through a broadband connection. Some of these files are quite heavy so ideally using a fibre broadband connection like the ones provided by Atlantek Broadband is the answer.


The true godfather of all screen capturers, considered by many gamer s as the best FPS annotator. Fraps made its debut in August 1999. Over the last 22 years, the program has been improved and adapted to the latest versions of Direct and OpenGL. Its popularity is due to its clear structure that makes it easy to use. In addition to the basic functions, FPS Counter allows the user to perform various bench marking and screen-dumping operations.

The Ge Force experience

If you have a GeForce series graphics card, download this application. In addition to the FPS counter and game saver, Experience informs you about the latest drivers and allows you to download them. Nvidia owners are inundated with comments like. It’s hard to say that Ge Force Experience is a very good program.

MSI Afterburner

This is an FPS calculator designed for users with fairly advanced needs. After a first glance at the interface, you realise that this application is not for everyone. Instead of a simple design, MSI has opted for a wide range of features. Afterburner offers CPU monitoring, graphics card overclocking, bench marking, screen dump and much more.

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