IP surveillance camera

IP surveillance camera: which is the best?


A smart home cannot be complete without an IP surveillance camera. These devices allow you to monitor your home while you are away and thus feel safe at all times. Little known, there are many IP surveillance cameras and it is difficult to sort out all the models. Discover in this guide our selection of the best IP surveillance cameras.

Within the Smart Home, also called the “smart home”, security takes a primordial place and an ideal device meets this need: the IP camera . It monitors your home when you are not there and alerts you to the slightest suspicious movement via an application on your smartphone.

An IP camera sometimes has other functions, such as measuring air quality , and then takes new issues into account. Without forgetting that surveillance is not always to be taken in the strictest sense, to prevent an intrusion: it can be a question of keeping an eye on your pet, which you can call out thanks to the loudspeaker integrated into the camera. The design is also evolving and some models are elegant.

 IP surveillance camera: which is the best?

Another good point: the installation does not require any special technical knowledge. In this guide, we have indeed selected cameras that you can install yourself , without the intervention of a professional. But some procedures are more complicated than others, and the promise of installation in minutes isn’t always fulfilled .

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