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How to monetize a blog with ads


Blogging is a money-making channel. A lot of bloggers commence their blogs intending to make money. Some bloggers may acquire devoted readers and a good number of visitors to their website, but they may find it tough to transform their visitors to earnings.

The most common way to monetize your blog is through ads. It may need a proper strategy. If you want to experience your full ad income, check out some of the top ways to monetize website with ads:

1. Enhanced the agreed number of ads per page

Usually, the appropriate number of ads per blog is three or more on every page. It is stated that you can increase the allowance that AdSense or any other ad network channel offers. It will immediately boost your revenue. It is not just because you will have several ad revenue streams, but you will put the ad networks against one another to compete for the best CPM rate- to work for you. The result- higher ad revenue!

2. Position AdSense Link Units

Context link units work as an efficient monetization resource because of their elasticity. They can work with all types of content and can be cited anywhere- maybe at the end of the blog. As they are less disturbing than banner ads, they offer higher results, when done right, by leading to higher clicks. It works for you if you have a CPC campaign on your website.

3. Choose AdSense Personalized Search Engine

AdSense is an amazing value-add to your website users. Other than ads that come from search results pages on your website, the search service is user-friendly and simple to use. It doesn’t need any high technical executions to get your own custom search engine on your site.

Though the search result traffic may not be too high, it will surely make sure that click rates and RPMs will be higher compared to your site and add incremental profit for you.

And, if the search results are related, users will bookmark and do the same query search again to get relevant ad search results. It means repeated income for you.

4. Streamline content through Ad Inserts

Large content is a great way to keep your readers with you for a long time, and that provides you a chance to use ad space in the content passage. If you can keep your readers engaged in long-form content, you have higher chances that they will interact with your ads more.

Gamezop offers you different sizes of ads for your blog website. You can choose banners containing images and texts and start your income immediately. It offers relevant ads to keep the user experience at its best.

In order to keep your users engaged place ads between paragraphs. Such ads attract your visitors and offer easy clicks.

5. Use your comments section to place ads

You can place your sponsored links between your article and comment section. Readers can click on the next article or comment on the blog by clicking on the ads.

These are some of the best to monetize website with ads. Use them to enhance your earnings.

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