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There once was a world where those lost in life used to come for salvation. They had hope in their eyes and a craving in their heart; craving to have a touch of a helping hand. But the world they were trying to implore for help had people who were trying to sell whatever they had. If one had asked for where water could be, they would ask that thirsty inside and then sell the furniture they had. This was the world of SEO once. But it is not so anymore. Now, if you do not know why the user is asking a query, you won’t be visible over the ground to those coming for help. You won’t appear on SERP. We call this intent ‘Search User Intent” and it is crucial. SEO companies pay special attention to it. If you are having no SEO service helping you, then you need to have one because the competition is high. Buy the best SEO Services from Digital White Labels. Digital White Labels is the best SEO service company we say in present times.

What is Search Intent / User Intent in SEO?

When you surf the internet, do you hold an intention within your mind or do you get led by whim? Do you search “pizza shop near me” to eat pizza or do you search it to know the pizza recipe? This is what search intent is.

Search Intent has been simply defined as the intent with which a user puts a query before the search engine. It could be anything from learning to buying. These intentions have basically been classified into 5 types. However, we believe that it is hard to contain all the intentions within these parts.

Here is a classification of basic Search or User Intents:

  • Informational Intent
  • Navigational Intent
  • Commercial Investigation Intent
  • Transactional Intent
  • Local Search Intent

These are the basic types of intents that a user knocks the digital doors with.

Earlier, when Search Engine Algorithms were not much refined, when the computational power was a sheer slug, there people used to exploit it for commercial purposes. Companies and people were using black hat tactics to manipulate the engine and bring people home to their doorstep. It was like you have taken a taxi to reach New York but the Taxi driver is taking you to Jersey midway through your trip. Why? Maybe he wants to lead you to a shop that gives him a commission for bringing customers in.

But things have changed now. The A.I. has grown enough to understand the intent and the content. However, there still are SEO companies that spam people. This is why we always suggest people to go reach someone experienced and clad in trust. Digital White Labels is the best SEO service company and we always suggest it to those who ask us.

Asking an SEO service company to target the User/Search Intent!

Earlier it could have been a successful strategy, anyhow foul, to stuff content with keywords and manipulate search engine results without helping genuinely. But now, Search or User Intent matters. If your content does not match the user intent, your website won’t be potent enough in the eyes of the Search Engines.

Do not ever use an anchor text with a phrase that does not relate in any way to the outbound link’s destination.

Furthermore, do not write any piece of content that does not mean to provide the information that matches with the targeted keywords. It is brutal for all, the engine, the website, and the owner. If you have no idea about it, you need an expert’s help for sure. Buy the best SEO Services from Digital White Labelsto get some expert help.

Understand the true meaning of User Intent!

Any user, be it of any race, any language, and from any time, uses the internet to search for something. And we only search for things that we want to seek. This seeking is the Search Intent.

  • When we want to gain information to earn some knowledge, we call it Informational Intent. For example, you might look for how to make pizza and search google for it. Your intent is to learn Pizza recipes.
  • When we want to lead to a specific place that we have in our mind we call this intent as Navigational Intent. This means that we have a place in mind where we want to get navigated towards. For example, you might search for Pinterest on Google.
  • Sometimes we want to investigate about a product or a service because we might buy it. This type of investigation comes under Commercial Investigation Intent and is the first step of gaining customers. For example, you might search for the IPhone 19 Pro Giant review.
  • Then it comes to the final step where people are searching to buy a product straightaway. This intent is generally called Transactional Intent and is the place that SEO companies take special care of.
  • You are going through an unknown city and want to eat some Indian food. This is when you’ll search ‘Indian Food near me’. We call this Local Search Intent. This is gaining fame lately and more and more people are making ‘near me’ searches. You must not ignore your Local SEO if you have a business that serves locally.

Targeting the User / Search Intent!

Now it comes to the section of keywords, anchor texts, and landing pages. One thing that you would want to do is to make sure that you are not overusing a single anchor text on many inbound links. This plucks the digital strings of Google and it thus looks with eyes full of suspicion.

Google no more shows web pages on SERP that are not relevant at all to the user query.

What you need to do is to write the type of content that you are suggesting Google what it is about. You would not want to title an article as how to make a door at home and then end up telling about what door types do celebrities use and how you can buy them. It is not serving the user intent because when the user will search for ‘how to make a door at home and end up seeing an article about what doors do celebrities use at their home, the user will exit soon. It only will lead to a waste of time and effort for both, the user and the search engine.

Targeting the right keywords is a process that demands expertise and a lot of effort. If you have no idea of how to do it, we suggest you not do it by yourself. Why? Because you might ruin your rankings negatively. But, if you have time to give in learning the whole SEO process and breathe every algorithmic update, you may try a chance. Otherwise, go look for an SEO company that knows how to do it the right way. This will help you get your website nourished by the hands of the divine. We say that Digital White Labels is the best SEO service company and you may want to check and buy the best SEO Services from Digital White Labels. Consider it as an investment and not some cost. And thank us when you see your website rising in rank.

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