what are the 10 best smartphones to buy in 2021

Android, iOS: what are the 10 best smartphones to buy in 2021?


Android or iOS, we have selected the ten best smartphones of 2021 according to the uses that we can have of them.

The technical sheets of smartphones are more and more difficult to decipher, which does not make things easier when it comes to knowing if a particular model is really suited to its needs, if its sustainability is guaranteed for a few years and if its price is reasonable.

Image 1: Android, iOS: what are the 10 best smartphones to buy in 2021?

Thus, in addition to the wide variety of processors, today you have to be a pro at photography or screen calibration in order to understand terms such as “113.3% DCI-P3 color space”, “Delta-E <1” or “Quad Bayer Technology” and “OCL Phase Detection Autofocus”.

To help you navigate this frantic race for (often) marketing arguments in which all manufacturers are engaged, we will explain in detail – in the second part of this guide – all the really important technical aspects of the latest smartphones on the market.

And if you don’t want to spend too much time understanding the intricacies of how your next smartphone works, let’s start this guide with our selection, which is regularly updated based on the latest tests.

Smartphones: last tests and next releases

The last few weeks have been marked by the testing of new achievements from Apple and Google. And while Apple’s latest smartphones have turned out to be rather convincing , those from Google have a little more difficulty in clearly establishing themselves in the face of fierce competition.

So, technically, the Pixel 4a 5G, which we tested, is battered by the OnePlus Nord (90 Hz OLED display, with 12 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage at an equivalent price) or the realme X3 Superzoom (120 Hz IPS display ) . The Pixel 4a 5G is nevertheless distinguished by its great photographic abilities. The same goes for the Pixel 5 , which rubs shoulders with the OnePlus 8T, which has positive points …

Image 2: Android, iOS: what are the 10 best smartphones to buy in 2021?

For its part, and despite its reduced price, the OnePlus Nord N10 also had a little trouble winning during the tests , especially because of its big brother, the North!

With its compact size (6.1 inches), the recent Sony Xperia 5 II , meanwhile, is a very good alternative to the very large OnePlus 8 Pro (6.78 inches!). These two very powerful devices are offered at around 900 €.

Image 3: Android, iOS: what are the 10 best smartphones to buy in 2021?

On the other hand, the tests of the Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G were also conclusive , with solid technical characteristics for a price a little more reasonable (759 €).

On the Xiaomi side, the Mi 10T Pro is distinguished by a high-end processor (Snapdragon 865) and a screen operating at 144 Hz, but which does not exploit OLED technology. An interesting cocktail for 599 €! And its little brother, the Mi 10T Lite , ships – for 329 € – an IPS screen operating at 120 Hz and a Snapdragon 750 processor. It is therefore a fairly serious competitor to the realme 7 Pro, also recently launched and offering excellent performance / price ratio

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