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Know A Few Simple Steps to Create More Accessible Website


All owners of a website would like to attract as much visitors as possible. However, very few take necessary steps to ensure that their website can be accessed by everyone. Millions of online appointment scheduling users exist out there who want to access various websites and as the owner of the website, if you do not understand their needs, they will fail to visit your website.

Fortunately, any website design is not a very big deal these days, as there are many you can find who will help you to create your website. Australian Internet Advertising can also design your website and also help you to create great success in your business too.

The accessibility of any website is not very difficult to implement. All that you need is to understand the various underlying issues that make your site difficult or impossible to open by certain people. After you take the necessary steps to avoid all those mistakes and create your site and welcome all your visitors.

The following are the few steps that you need to take for making your website much more accessible to a larger section of your visitors.


Legibility is all about focussing on how easy it is for someone to read your website content and also understand.

1. Font sizing

Usually, the font size will make it more readable and any larger-sized text is much easier to read, and hence people will not miss any important details presented on the website.

To be legible, your font size must be a minimum of 14 pixels. Even 16 pixels will be more preferable but you will find many blog posts are written with 19 pixels so that people can easily scan through them.

2. Colour choices

You must ensure that the font color chosen by you will have enough contrast from your website’s background so that it is legible for everyone.

Instead of going for more cosmetics on your website, you must ensure a better contrast, particularly for smaller body copy. Basically, your text must stand out against your background colour. The larger will be your text, the less contrast that you may need.


Accessibility will be how your website can open in different kinds of browsers used by the viewers.

1. Metadata

We all love to see a website full of beautiful images and choosing the right kind of image is an important step while designing. You must understand that everyone may not see the image on your website.

Either due to their vision problem or slow internet may not enable many to see your image uploaded on the website.

Here the role of metadata comes in. It is a brief description, which reflects the image content. It tells someone what an image actually looks like in case they fail to see it.

2. Captioning

If you are including any audio/video on the website, then also include a caption or transcript.

For audio, you can create a transcript, then add that to the content of your page or link to it by using a button below the audio player.

In case of videos, you can caption your video by adding a transcript for people who cannot load the video.


This is related to how much user-friendly that your website is.

1. Buttons

Your buttons must stand out from your content. Use bright colours like red, yellow, or orange with easy-to-read text.

Buttons must also change on hover for users to know that it has to be clicked.  Generally, this will be done with a colour change, but find some other ways to customize the buttons.

2. Purchase flow

If you want someone should buy something then make it easier to navigate the website so that it is possible to buy with just a few clicks. When anyone visits your website, it must be easier to find your product or service.

All the above changes can make a very big difference in the accessibility of your website. Also, they are a good design practice as well. If you are overwhelmed by the above list and quite unsure of where to start, then just chose one item at a time to work. After you are through then move to the next.

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